Arriving and Adjusting

After my ~11 hour flight in business class I arrived safely in Xiamen. Today marks my third day here and I think I am slowly starting to getting used to getting around and living here. Xiamen is a pretty big city but looks very clean and is not super crowded (although there are about 2 million people on the island alone). I still need to see quite a few things here, so I’m looking forward to that.

My first few days here were mainly filed with doing a bit of essential shopping for my room, discovering places to eat, registering at the police office and adjusting to the new timezone. I don’t have a kitchen in my room, so I need to eat at local restaurant / food stalls for dinner. You can eat somewhere in almost any street for 10-25¥* or just take the bus (1¥) to the huge mall nearby (I was told that there is an even bigger one here) filled with shops, restaurants and a large Wal-mart in the basement. I don’t have any food pictures right now (except for my meals on the flight), but 15¥ can get you some great food around here.

My room is fine, looked pretty tidy when I arrived, the only thing is that the lights in my bathroom are broken. I need to report that soon. Because the room is on the 28th floor, I have a great view over the Software Park and other parts of the city which light up at night.

Getting around here is mostly done by bus or taxi for us, I’m not very familiar with the bus system so I just use it to get to the mall and back. Other trips are done by taxi, which will get me to the other side of the island for like €5. Taxi’s are everywhere here, but just like other drivers in China they have a.. unique driving style by completely ignoring any lines on the road, honking at least 50% of their time driving and just causing chaos everywhere. Anyways, it seems like it works fine for them.

I will be checking out the city center soon, possibly at night because going out is supposed to be almost free as a foreigner. I still have a week of free time before actually starting work on the 14th, so I have quite some time to check out more of the city.

*) 7¥ = €1

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