Brand New Office, Sinterklaas and Christmas

December is flying by, the temperature dropped hard last week but will go up to 24 degrees again next week, so it never really felt like December to me. This also means that my last 3 weeks at the office are here. In these weeks our team still wants to achieve a lot more, and I will probably do more fun things!

First up, the biggest event. Last Monday the company we are working for finished their new office in a different building in the Software Park. We were invited to work there, which allows us to work closely with everyone else involved in this project (our team grew again since my last post, counter is now at 10!). Their new office offers a more comfortable and productive environment for the 5 of us that previously worked in the CHECK-IT office. We got proper desks (that won’t fall apart while holding our quite expensive hardware) and chairs, along with an environment which is much more like an actual company that doesn’t give off a classroom feeling like the CHECK-IT office.

The new office has already given us a boost in productivity, motivation and overall enjoyment of the project, which is great! Unfortunately, we only get to work there for 4 weeks in total. Pictures below this post!

As part of our cultural exchange with the Chinese students, we organized a second day to celebrate Sinterklaas. On the 10th of December we got a late visit from Sinterklaas (Spain is pretty far from here!) and his Zwarte Piet performed by 2 of my Dutch colleagues in actual costumes which was pretty hilarious to see. Piet also gave me a few kruidnoten, but 10 of them is not enough, so I will compensate for that next year.

We also exchanged gifts and poems with the Chinese students (I’m pretty bad at Sinterklaas-poems in English!), my secret Sinterklaas got me an awesome card along with some traditional stone statues that should keep evil spirits out of my house (pictured below the post, too). Nice!

Our next and probably last cultural activity day will be next Thursday to celebrate Christmas, stuff is still being planned for this. We might have another party at the new office too! Other plans for the end of the year are not clear yet, but I keep forgetting that I also have to celebrate my birthday on the 30th (normally I’d be freezing on my birthday). On the 8th of January we will end the work on our project with a final presentation, I leave for Tokyo on the 21st and will be back on Schiphol on the 29th at 15:10. Maybe I’ll have another post before I leave, or else I’ll write everything when I’m back home.

Not a lot of pictures today, so enjoy some of my meals to fill this up! The office is still being worked on so most of the crappy chairs you see have been replaced already!

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