Mid-Term Presentation, Cultural Activities and more

It’s been a while since my last post! The last month has been filled with a lot of work, deadlines and cool activities in and around Xiamen.

A few weeks ago we arrived at the half-way point in our internship here, so we had to give a “mid-term presentation” to the Dutch and Chinese teachers (plus some other visitors from the Netherlands). Our first 2 months here were filled with mostly training and learning new stuff so we had only started work on the final product for a bit less than a week at that point. Nevertheless, we were able to show our learning progress and plans for the next months and got the teachers pretty excited about what we might deliver in January.

After this presentation, we have been working hard on the first scene (out of 6/7) of our final “movie”. Because there are only two months left, we hope to finish the first 3 scenes by January. The company we’re working for is supporting us a lot and the team working on this has grown from 4 to 8 (most of which are under my control). I said we would have moved in to their new office by now, unfortunately this move is handled in a very Chinese way so they only just started working on their new office last week.

It’s not all about work here in Xiamen, so we’re still doing our cultural activities. This time we (the Dutch students) also organized a day full of information about our country and culture, games, and Dutch-style pancakes. Hopefully some of the information and Dutch words will stay with them!

One of the Chinese cultural activities was a trip to a soy sauce drying yard (which is apparently the biggest one of its type). Although I love soy sauce, and the huge field of drying pots was cool to see, the museum was not that exciting.

Another activity from this week was a trip to “Volcano Island” in Zhangzhou. I was kind of confused because this was both not an island nor a traditional big volcano. Nevertheless it was a relaxing and clean area to just walk around all day, although winter is starting to kick in so the temperature dropped hard that day. Around the island there were some big pieces of dried lava, but because of the tide most of them were not visible.

Other activities in my weekends are mostly going out with friends and colleagues, going on random trips through Xiamen visiting interesting places and (unfortunately) keeping up with some assignments for school. Below are some pictures of one of those trips to some shopping street near the beach. I’m also trying to learn some basic Mandarin by myself, which is still pretty hard but kind of works.

Right now, there’s only one and a half month left at CHECK-IT, time flies by when you’re having fun. When we finish up everything here in Xiamen, I will travel to Tokyo for a week with a small group of friends here to finish up our adventures in Asia. Really looking forward to enjoying both the last 1,5 month here and our trip to Tokyo!

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