The First Week

The first week is over already? It sure went by quickly. I’ve done some activities with the group this week to see more of the city center and nightlife whilst still trying to build up some sort of daily routine (which will probably change when I start working next week).

A small group of us went to the downtown area of Xiamen some days ago where we wanted to check out the shops and street food. We found a small street which was filled with shops that sold various amounts of food, from fried fish to duck rolls and some sweet dishes. We had some food there and went into some alleys which eventually led us to a pretty long market with mostly fish stalls, Xiamen is a coastal city after all. After enough wandering around, we had dinner in a different part of the downtown area at a place that was supposed to have some great and traditional noodles/rice dishes.

During the day we’ve been guiding people that just arrived and doing other stuff. I’ve explored the software park to see where our office is located. The whole park is pretty big and thus contains a lot of office buildings for various technology-oriented companies. In the center of the software park, there is a nice and relaxing park with some ponds. I’ve also been able to get a SIM card with the help of the teacher that will give us our Chinese lessons, so I’m able to WeChat and stuff outside of my apartment or the office!

Some of our nights were filled with visiting some pool place in an alley nearby, going to KTV (karaoke) and visiting a club. The karaoke was pretty fun, but messed up my sleep because the sun was already up when we left the place (6am).

We will be at the office tomorrow morning to discuss some stuff and will hold the opening ceremony next monday. I’m eagerly awaiting more information about the projects and the Chinese students!

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